Windy Wilson's Story

Windy Wilson’s Story

Iain ‘Windy’ Wilson is Scotland’s favourite amateur weatherman, charming his 360,000 strong legion of followers on social media with his no nonsense delivery of the forecast every day. Regardless of how miserable the weather might be, he always raises a smile. He retired two years ago at the age of 53 and took up running in 2018.

What’s your running story Windy?

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around ten years ago and since then I’ve focused much more on my health and lifestyle. Taking up running was life changing for me. I started in July 2018  inspired by my wife who ran the hottest ever London Marathon that year, and I joined my local club, Five Star Run Club in Auchterarder.

What have you done since?

I’ve moved quickly up through the distances and completed four Ultra’s, London and Berlin Marathon and 10 half marathons. I’ve got Chicago Marathon in a few weeks and aim to do London Marathon and New York Marathon in 2023. My plan is then to do Boston and Tokyo Marathons in 2024 – completing the Abbott World Major Marathons and earning the famous Six Star Medal. By that time, they may have added Sydney as a Seventh star, so I might have to do that too!

And your charity fundraising is amazing!

I’m so grateful for people’s generosity – it powers me along and gets me through the tough periods in my long runs. I’ve managed to raise more than £170,000 in total for various charities since 2014, and these days all my fundraising is through my marathons and ultra marathons. My justgiving link is

Many people assume running is about physical fitness and achievement. What’s your experience?

Absolutely not. I would say that mental health plays a bigger role. I run to eat and keep fit. But the mental and social benefits are huge and not recognised well enough. The running community has been so supportive and helpful to me!

What’s your #transforminglives message?

Encouraging people from troubled backgrounds to participate in running or athletics can change the course of their lives. I’m right behind that. And if Athletics Trust Scotland can put in support to make this happen through the #transforminglives project that’s a really important step.

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